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For entrepreneurs and small businesses

To support British start-ups Ask-a-CTO is providing free technology advice to companies with less than 10 employees and less than £1M in annual revenue.

Technology costings and strategy

Platform design and system architecture

Skills and resource planning

Objective, clear and sensible advice

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a small business CEO there are times when you need objective, clear and sensible advice to resolve technology challenges.  Perhaps you are writing a business plan and need a technology strategy.  Or you might be running a business already and require advice on managing your technology and staff. With a private, open conversation you can get started on solving these challenges and getting back to enjoying your business. 


  • Business plan support
  • Technology strategy and costings
  • Product design
  • Future proofing 


  • Scalable solutions
  • Problem solving
  • Quality improvement
  • Team and skills make-up


  • Improving technology ROI
  • Off-shoring and staff planning
  • Confidential, objective advice 

Bill is very friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent free service for Entrepreneurs. Looking forward to our next chat!

Hannah J

Business owner

Amazing service!

My experience of Bill at Ask a CTO was great. I am not technology minded and just needed some guidance on where to start looking for a solution to my problem, and what questions to ask about relevant products. Bill’s communication was great from the outset, he was friendly and asked relevant questions, followed up with some really great advice and guidance.

Christy L

Small Business Owner

It’s fantastic to have an opportunity to get expert advice from a CTO with Bill’s knowledge, particularly for someone starting out. Bill is very friendly, clearly enjoys working with startups and offering insight. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill’s service and look forward to speaking with him again.

Julien L



Business focussed technology professional 

As a hands-on technology professional with over 20 years of experience in building and delivering leading-edge products I have seen the best and the worst that technology can offer to a business. 

As a former entrepreneur and business owner I know first-hand the excitement of bringing an idea to market and the responsibility of meeting investor expectations.

I stand for a core, unrelenting principle that technology must serve the business and I have seen far too many examples where the reverse has taken hold and turned a dynamic, growing business into a confused and unprofitable one. 

In truth technology solutions can be complicated but that should never serve as a brake on business growth. With the right people and dynamics in place, your technology can become a competitive advantage and stop being an expensive headache.

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Skills & Experience

  • Engineering
  • Software design and development
  • Project management
  • Architecture 
  • Technology strategy
  • Service Delivery
  • Senior management (CTO / CIO)


  • Most software languages
  • MEAN & MERN stacks
  • Microsoft & LAMP
  • Native mobile and HTML5
  • Infrastructure
  • Serverless
  • AWS & Azure Clouds
  • CMS & CRM
  • Microservices


  • Ed-tech
  • Digital media
  • Streaming media
  • Broadcast TV
  • Financial services
  • Public sector

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Get your questions answered